Is it safe to trust Ashwood University for your degree?
Is Ashwood University a Degree Scam?

Myths surrounding Ashwood University degree program and reaction of people towards them.

Ashwood University is not a new name in the domain of online education. It has been providing students with degrees in a variety of Ashwood University degrees. You name of major and Ashwood University will impart you with a degree in it after proper assessment of your prior learning and your eligibility check. But despite all this you mostly get to hear highly negative comments about its credibility.
Most of the people mistake Ashwood University for diploma mill while others think it is a scam. But before finding answers tot these questions it is important to know about Ashwood University.

An Introduction to Ashwood University

Ashwood is an online university that provides students with authentic and life experience degree accredited on the basis of work experience. It is accredited from World Online Degrees Education Accrediting Commission (WOEAC) and the Board of Online Universities Accreditation (BOUA). Whatever level you are at, you can easily get a degree as Ashwood University offers everything from high school diploma to doctorate degree. Being reasonable yet authentic, Ashwood University remains first choice of anyone who requires degree to further their career or education.
For interested candidates Ashwood University has even introduced downloadable version of university prospectus. Moreover, the university also provides online education verification service to provide authentication and verification of your documents. Degrees by Ashwood University are given on the basis of evaluation which is undertaken by the team of eminent educationists.

Common Beliefs
Being an online university, Ashwood is often mistaken for diploma mill and scam. Let us first understand what a diploma mill is and what does scam stand for.

Diploma Mill
Diploma or degree mill grant degree to the students without testing their abilities either through exams or any other testing method.

Scam is a basically fraudulent or deceptive act or operation. When this word is associated with some education institutes it means that the institute has failed in disclosing or delivering item as per promise.

Is it fair to call Ashwood University Diploma mill or scam?
To find out whether or not Ashwood University should be called diploma mill or scam, a small survey was undertaken. The survey comprises of two questions:

a) Do you think Ashwood University is a Diploma Mill?
b) Is Ashwood University scam or not?

The survey involved both neutral people and former students of Ashwood University. 99.9% students of Ashwood University replied in negative. One student in the detail wrote:

“My degree is acceptable everywhere. If you call Ashwood University scam then I won’t believe you. Online universities must fight against those scammers.”

Another student defended Ashwood University like this:

“Calling Ashwood University diploma mill is absolutely unfair. I got degree on the basis of my outside classroom learning and my case has been evaluated by the team of eminent educationist. It can’t be a scam. I don’t agree. Students must see the responses of credible online universities, before making any knid of decision”

There were some confused replies as well, like the following:

“Though I have taken my Bachelor’s degree from Ashwood University, I am not sure of its credibility. Besides whatever I have read so far about online universities, it seems you only come across with scam universities and degree mills.”

Negative replies came mostly from non Ashwood students who narrated what they heard from others.

“I have not seen Ashwood University address – I mean physical address – anywhere on the website.Where is Ashwood University located? Who can be sure of its authenticity? May be it is just another website selling fake degrees.”

It was getting crucial to find out proper reply to the question which became basis of this entire quest, “Is it safe to trust Ashwood University for your degree?” after all it was about the future of many students who were seeking for Ashwood University Degrees. When you can’t find answer from anywhere it is better to check out the main source. So, three documents were created and emailed to the Ashwood University. One carried negative comments, other positive and the third one carried confused comments.
After around a week, they sent a document which carried comments of teachers and educationists from US. It was a very detailed document which spoke about various myths that have done enough to shatter the image of Ashwood University such as Ashwood University location? Accreditation bodies etc.

What do people in the business say about Ashwood University?

Professor Hansen M., from a renowned college of California was in the favor of Ashwood University's life and work experience degree. According to him the system is a real relief for all those who can’t afford to return to colleges for any reason. Plus, in US after 16 you can’t take high school diploma. Ashwood University's unique system even helps those 16+ people who wish to further their education with a high school diploma instead of GED certificate. He said, “How can you call Ashwood University scam, when it provides you with the document right on the promised time and at the same time keep everything transparent and disclosed. As far as physical address and location is concerned, normally online universities do not disclose their location like that. And when everything is right in front of you, why do you need to know about Ashwood University location?

Another retired professor who has spent her entire life in serving the education scenario recorded her views in these words:
“When I started teaching there was no such thing as online education and distant learning. The job scenario was pretty much different. But since new and more effective communication medium, everything around us has changed. Things have become faster and smarter. When we have accepted change in all other domains, why can’t we accept effective and faster mode of education. I guess there is no harm in online education system. Though there are black sheep everywhere but just because of them you can’t undermine the credibility of the trusted ones. I have met couple of Ashwood University grads. They are stable and successful. If things can happen conveniently, why make them difficult? Ashwood University degrees are equally reliable and profound. It is definitely unjust to call Ashwood University degree mill or scam.
Dr. Sarah Walters, Illinois

Though not all comments were positive; but the negative comments were from those individuals who were totally against the online education system.

Research shows that it is safe to take degree from Ashwood University. Though there were negative feedback but satisfied people won the argument. Myths surface when you are don’t know something and believe rumors. This document must have helped considerably in removing misconceptions that you may have about Ashwood University.

Ashwood University Testimonials
  • Fully accredited online university offering degrees in almost all majors and disciplines.
  • Providing Lifetime Credential Verification Service to its students.
  • Internationally recognized and widely accepted degrees and diplomas.